Saturday, January 1, 2011

Line in the Sand

A couple years ago I wrote a little and thought a little more about the price of gas. That post is here.

With the price of gas going up maybe we can start thinking about alternatives again. It is time for cities, counties, and the rest of society to draw a line in the sand and begin to make it easier to get around without depending on gasoline.

As the price of gas goes up people will be driving less, spending less, and doing less. Wouldn't it be wonderful if local governments would come up with some things that make getting around town by bicycle easier? Fresno and Clovis and other cities blessed with flat topography should be able to figure out some good bike commuting ideas.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration. This has given me a thought for a blog post... if I can remember long enough

  2. After further review:
    I don't believe there is any incentive for government to encourage cycling over driving a car. Cyclists don't pay highway taxes... or even much in the way of sales tax. Motorists do.