Friday, December 31, 2010

I got new tires and a new tube for the Huffy 3 speed today. Yesterday I realized it will work well for pulling my grand daughters around in their bike trailer. I bought the tires and a tube at Sumner's Schwinn and got some good info on how to lube and take care of the Shimano hub.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Huffy 3 Speed

I bought an old Huffy lady's 3 speed today. A guy who lives a few blocks away had it on craiglist for his mother who bought it back in the seventies.

I got it home, put a little air in the tires, tightened about eight spokes and went for a cruise to the corner. It even shifts. I don't know anything about three speeds so that is especially nice. It has been about an hour and the rear tire is flat. The seller said he thinks they are the original tires.

It has a light/horn combination. I put new batteries in and both work. The horn had a handlebar mounted switch which is missing so I replaced it with an old door bell button. I'll have to figure a way to mount the button next to the left grip.