Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good to be Back

I went on my first ride in months today. It was just 7 miles but good. When the wind is blowing like today, I like to head into it and have it at my back on the way home. I was surprised that it felt as good as it did. I hadn't done more than ride to the store (about a mile) in a long time.

My daughter, Anna wants to go on a ride sometime soon. I think she wants some exercise after the birth of her second daughter four months ago. She'd like to go about ten miles. I figure we will start from downtown Clovis, take the Old Town Trail out to Teague or Shepherd then over to the Dry Creek trail back to Clovis. It is a little less than 10 miles with a couple areas I think she will like. I'm looking forward to it.